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Sunday 28th November

This Sunday is Advent Sunday. It may surprise you where the New Testament reading will come from, but Advent is way more than "a run up to Christmas." It's a preparation for Christ's coming.
There have been powercuts in Braco all weekend so there will be no service coming out of Ardoch Parish Church on the live stream this Sunday.
You can still join us live in the church at 11:30, or read through the Order of Service here or get a flavour from the service from the video clips below.

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Click on the black arrow to be led in the Lord's Prayer by Mairi.

Our Father, who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts,
as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, 

but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.​

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