A word or two from Mairi

From "The Link" Parishes Newsletter, April, 2022


I am sure you all have a favourite season during the year that

you look forward to. I certainly do. My favourite season is

autumn for so many reasons; it is a season that I truly indulge in

and feel fully alive in. I wonder if you have ever thought about

your Christian season. Which season in our Christian calendar

do you associate most with? Which season in the Christian calendar do you feel fully alive in Christ?

For me it has to be the season of Lent and Easter. This is the time I feel closer and most connected with Christ as I journey to the foot of the cross with Him, sometimes by my side, sometimes pushing from behind, walking in front for me to follow. But perhaps the times I like best are the ones when He holds me so tightly I can feel His breath.

You will never experience a greater love than that of Christ, who for our sin was prepared to hang, suffer and die on a cross and rise again for our salvation!!

Are you ready to accept that love and journey with Christ this Lent and Easter?

I can promise that if you do you will never be the same again.

God Bless.

Rev Mairi x

01786 880948


On Tuesday 11th January 2022 Mairi 

addressed the Scottish Parliament at

the invitation of one of our Mid

Scotland and Fife MSPs, Murdo Fraser.

You can view her contribution to the

weekly Time for Reflection here.

2104 Mairi close up from Moderator service.png

Mairi with her husband Tony

and son Eoghan.