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A word or two from Mairi

From "The Link" Parishes Newsletter,

Easter 2024

Dear Friends,

Is your journey to the foot of the cross made easier or harder

because you know the outcome? Because you know the pain,

the darkness, and that all the uncertainty will give way to light

and joy on Easter morning.

Our Lenten journey this year has been a little different as we have met in the halls around tables discussing and taking an active part in our discernment of the Bible passages in work by Stephen Cottrell The Things He Carried. Far too often we are merely submissive spectators at our Sunday services.

It has been a joy to watch and to listen to each congregation as you have immersed yourselves more and more as the journey unfolds. I want to thank you all for your willingness to enter into new ways that challenge and at times push you out of your comfort zones.

The message in the Bible never changes but the ways in which we engage with it must change if we are truly to take God’s message out to as many people as possible in as many different places and ways that we can find so that everyone has the opportunity to engage with Christ and can come in time to declare him, “My Lord and my God!”

May I wish you God’s blessing this Easter time.

Rev Mairi

01786 880948

On Tuesday 11th January 2022 Mairi 

addressed the Scottish Parliament at

the invitation of one of our Mid

Scotland and Fife MSPs, Murdo Fraser.

You can view her contribution to the

weekly Time for Reflection here.

2104 Mairi close up from Moderator service.png

Mairi with her husband Tony

and son Eoghan.

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