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Good News!

As part of the Church of Scotland, we want to inspire the people of Blackford

and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ. But what is that Good News?

  • God has a real love for this world and for you who he made in his image

  • Life can make sense and have a purpose

  • There is hope in this world and beyond

  • There's a new life with forgiveness in Jesus

All of that and more.

Here are a few ways of finding out more.

  • Come along on a Sunday morning to hear what's going on and to ask your questions.

  • Get a hold of a Bible and you'll hear the Good News directly. Start with a New Testament book like Mark which is a short, sharp, eye witness account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. It even starts "This is the good news about Jesus Christ, the Son of God."


We can give you a good, modern translation; the Bible wasn't written in English so we translate it into modern language as well as the classic "Shakespearean" English of the King James Version you might find in a cupboard or presentation box. You could buy a Bible online or read it for free at or search where you normally download apps from; the NIV, CEV or NTL are translations you'll read easily - and we'll explain the initials some time. You could even sit back and have it read to you here.


  • Pick up one of the books from our collection at church if you prefer to find out that way.

We have books from The Good Book Company and others answering the questions that

so many of us ask whether we are Christians or not.

We want to be part of this search with you. Talk with us; we'll listen, discuss and pray for you as you look and grow in your faith.

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