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Welcome to Blackford Parish Church

Moray Street, Blackford, Perthshire, PH4 1PY

Our building is now open for worship each Sunday at 10:00am.

We can accommodate around 30 people with physical distancing measures but have a couple of contingencies in place as necessary. (Bring a coat as doors stay open!)
Our Bible Study Group meets at 8pm on Tuesdays on this Zoom Link:

Meeting ID: 995 6932 6307; Passcode: 141288

Who are we?

We are a busy and friendly congregation of the Church of Scotland within the Perthshire town of Blackford; yes, there's more to Blackford than water and whisky. 

Blackford, in case you didn't know, is a small village just off the A9, situated roughly half way between Stirling and Perth. Our building is at the far end of the main street (Moray Street) when you come in from the A9. You'll find a map on our Contact us page.

Our church is throughout the village.

As part of the Church of Scotland we want to inspire the people of Blackford and beyond with the Good News of Jesus Christ through enthusiastic worshipping, witnessing, nurturing and serving of our community. Find out more at our Good News page. For more information on how we are doing that and our plans for the next few years, download our action plan here.

Why not come and visit us whether you live locally or are visiting family, on holiday, looking to explore faith or to join a church, we will be delighted to have you amongst us.

Find out more on our "Who are we" page by clicking here. We are led by our team of elders (find out more here) and our minister Rev Mairi Perkins (find out more here.)

We are part of Perth Presbytery of the Church of Scotland and are linked with Ardoch Parish Church, Braco whose website can be visited here.

Blackford Parish Church, Moray Street, Blackford, Perthshire, PH4 1PY                                                                                  Privacy Notice

Minister: Rev. Mairi Perkins, 01786 880948,               What we're doing  over this 5 year period

Session Clerks: Sandy Marshall and Gordon Roy,