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This page is normally about what we do week by week or throughout the year with the children and young people of our village. During this outbreak of Coronavirus we'll lead with ideas that we might have been using in Sunday School to explore the same Bible passage for all ages at our Worship without meeting page.

This week Jesus brings his friend Lazarus back to life.

It seems like Jesus is not there when his friends wanted him, but he knew exactly what he was doing.

Smelly And Stinky 
You will need: a variety of containers that have different smells in them; lemon, onion, bleach, wet soil, shampoo, E45 cream (no smell really), chocolate, bubble gum and a blindfold.
Have one container open at a time and ask each child to identify the smell. They should not say anything until everyone has used their nose. If you can hide what is in it you will not need the blindfold. Go through all the containers one at a time.

The passage today gives us images of many smells and smells can identify a lot in life. Do the children have smells they like or do not like? The earthy smell reminds us of God’s creation, the bitter smell that some things go wrong in life, the sweet smell for all goodness and the stinky smell that things can rot and die away.

Here's a way of learning what happened and what it teaches us. 

The folks behind these videos are working through the same series that we are following so the next video is a follow up to the teaching offering some crafts to do when you're not together as a big group because we need to stay at home. (look out for the toilet rolls reference.)

For secondary pupils:
Print out individual statements made by local, national or even international politicians recently. It may be to do with some event you have just experienced as a community, or nationally. It may be a national event like an election. Alongside these statements print out some verses from today’s Bible reading such as “I am the resurrection and the life," “This illness does not lead to death; rather it is for God’s glory," “Your brother will rise again." 

Invite folk to pick up the statements one by one and ask them if they believe them,
• Do you believe the statement to be true?
• In what way?
• What makes you believe it is true?
• What does that belief lead you to do?
Then ask the young people if they trust it. That means, imagine it is you in the story of Lazarus, that you are one of his family.
• You may believe Jesus is right, but do you trust it will happen?

The difference between belief and trust is that belief is about a statement or piece of doctrine and trust is about a relationship.
Look at the statements again and think about them in terms of being about a statement and those that are about building a relationship.
• In what way does this make a difference to how you hear what politicians say and what Jesus says?

And if you just want to see and hear the story again, click here.

If you are looking for the answers to the quizzes on our children's "Welcome to Blackford" leaflet then click here to download a copy.