A Good Friday Reflection

Whenever you visit this page either on Good Friday or at some other point, take time to look at the death of Jesus on the cross, to survey the cross. You may like to use this hymn to think on the cross.

The film above shows Iain Campbell's painting of the crucifixion taking shape while Luke 23 is read in faltering English by the Farsi-speaking, asylum-seeking model identified only as "H."

The artist talks about what it was like painting The Crucifixion for the fifth time and we hear from Mike Kurtyka, team member at The Upper Room church, where "H" goes to worship. 

This painting from his series through every chapter of Luke's Gospel, is painted on two canvases, hence the line down the middle of the electronic image below.

Our final offering for reflection is an address for today from the Colin Sinclair, Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland.