A word or two from Mairi

From "The Link" Parishes Newsletter, July, 2021

Hello ! 

I want to take this opportunity to thank our session clerks and elders

from both Ardoch and Blackford churches for the tremendous effort

in keeping Gods word alive, visible and heard over these many months

in our churches, community and people’s everyday lives.


We see our church blossoming once again with the sound of singing on a Sunday morning and the return of faces and friends we have perhaps not seen for many a month. We have experienced God in new ways, new songs, new places and often in the unexpected.

The church building and grounds this summer will be filled  with the shouting and laughter of our youngsters as they enjoy our planned holiday clubs once again as they learn how God can be part of  their lives.


Summer is a wonderful time of year, and as we embark on this season of picnics, family gatherings and rest, I pray that God will bless each and every one of us with a summer of fun and joy. May we take time this season to spend more time in prayer, in contemplation and in listening to God showing us how to do His work, being more committed to serve God’s people, and more in love with our God who created and loves us.

God Bless

Rev Mairi.

01786 880948



Mairi with her husband Tony

and son Eoghan.